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This week is all about awakenings ... The realisation that situations around you do evolve and are solvable

Look at the transformation that can happen if you choose wisely

Allow your eyes to see clearly and be your guide as you start to see the truth of the life you live

Over reaching for a lifestyle that seems ideal will push you to your limits

Awaken to the idea that your choices and decisions can change the direction your heading in

Choose wisely and realise what you actually need around you to accomplish a peace of mind

This way you have already had a look into your future.

Do you like what you see ?

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This week take heed of your dreams as they are trying to communicate the solution to a problem that is around you.

Night time is still and quiet and the perfect time to allow spirit to help influence our energy for positive outcomes

Come out of the dark illuminated , with a sense of knowing .... your heart seems a little weary and that’s when negativity can enter

Remember it’s in the still that we can put life into it’s true perspective

Knowing your worth through good and bad times is important

Believe in yourself , calm your soul soothe your mind and nourish your body

You deserve to relax and conserve your energy till the time is right for action x

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This week may seem to drain your energies

You may feel fatigued and mentally drained

Maybe pausing for a while and re evaluating your priorities

Life has seemed so busy of late and being an empath you will have come across many people whose soul has called out in despair

You are one of earths natural healings without even realising.

However pause a while and replenish your energies

Your mind needs a mental break.

Please know spirit are with you during this time x x

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