Image Reveal A

Loneliness is hard to bare but sometimes it’s caused by our own lack of communication. We. Wonder why no one cares or even bothers to ask how we are , yet this image tells me that you hide your emotions so deep it’s hard for people around to access them.

To show vulnerability is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of recognising that with a little help things could feel better x

Confide in a friend or relation and don’t isolate yourself when really you need someone x x

Image Reveal B

An abundance of healing is being sent your way , Your soul has called out to be heard.

Lost in a kind of mind fog you need your path illuminating.

Clarity is on its way.

You have a clearer path ahead , use this time to heal old wounds and take less baggage into your new beginnings ... breathe in life let go of negativity

Rescue yourself x x

Image Reveal C

This seems a very reflective time for you at present. A pat on the back is deserved and quite rightly so.

You have managed to elevate your awareness away from negativity and reflect on the positive aspects of life. Pausing a while to enjoy what life has to offer leaves you rested and fulfilled.

Despite some cloudy skies you will start to feel less weighed down and move able to glide.

Navigating life isn’t always easy , but for now you are doing the best you can x x

Enjoy the journey x

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