Image reveal A

It’s time to cut to the chase and make some decisions that suit yourself for a change

Someone around you has been using selfish behaviour too long

Maybe you can live in hope things change or maybe you need to make the change for the better

Take the here and now to decide

How does your gut feel ?

Use your intuition wisely

Image Reveal 2

Hey hey you

Seems like it’s time to shine

Feel happy that your true self can now come through and be acknowledged

You deserve to feel that your efforts are noticed

But mostly you deserve to be appreciated in your own right

Shine bright reveal B x

Image reveal C

Can you actually count your true friends on one hand ?

It’s ok to have lots of acquaintances but remember only true friends have your best interests at heart

Watch out for someone who seems overly concerned by things that shouldn’t matter to them

Maybe being so open is not the way at the minute

Try remain guarded and see who probes for more

Be alert and remember those handful of friends are there for you x

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