Image Reveal A

If you chose this image you must feel the need to guard your heart

Many times you have loved only to be hurt ... whether that’s friendships or relationships

You seem to be going through a passionate yet emotional stage

Trying your hardest to be strong and willing that the upliftment you need will come

People around you seem to blur into the back ground when needed leaving you feeling out on a limb

But you are strong and despite the negative effects of some around you , you manage to shine

Keep your head up and love in your heart and remember you are unique x x

If you chose image B

You are a dreamer always looking for the happy ever after

Does it really exsist ? Or does your life need you back in control

Tunnel vision has featured around you , seeming to give you a limited vision of what your future could hold

Take time to heal your mind and then new beginnings will manifest

Your love has limitations and aches to be fully reciprocated

Learn that loving yourself is enough to see you through any adversity life gives you x x

If you chose Image C

Then maybe you are wanting some clarity ... standing out or being singled out is not nice at times and can show a vulnerability ,

Stay strong and face your fears as strength and growth are coming your way

You really need to find a passion in a hobby job etc and use it as a distraction until life seems more level again

Twists and turns await you but nothing that you can’t handle

You have depth and intuition and now is the time to harness it and apply it to life x x

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