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Moving on

This weeks focus is based around facing the future

Sometimes we hide in the shadows of the past scared to face our fears in case we are judged

Maybe we put more expectations on ourselves than anyone else does

Facing fears is difficult but a must if you want a more illuminated future

Take some time to think about embracing what your life has to offer you and you to offer it ... small but positive changes are needed ...

You will be guided x x

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This week is the time to finally see things making sense and coming together

Your blend of energy is beautiful at the moment to help bring forward a calmer clearer peace of mind ...

learning to be at one with yourself will prove beneficial in upcoming events

Enjoy the here and now , press pause and embrace a complete you in harmony x x

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This week sees you reaching for answers and struggling to understand the negative traits of others around you

Feeling bewildered and empty that we live in a world where people still don’t have others best interests at heart

Don’t allow manipulation or any darker traits to affect you

Draw in the light and allow it to illuminate your spirit , body and aura

Radiate positivity and reflect the light back to others no matter how deflated you feel by there actions

You are at a point where the choices you make count towards your future self ... Always choose the Lighter path you deserve it x

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