Image Reveal A

This week sees your true self coming through

You are strong yet hide your light, not wanting to draw attention to yourself

Be brave embrace how unique and truly amazing you really are.

Carve out some you time and look forward to the peace and empowerment coming your way x

Always look on the bright side of life x x

Image Reveal B

Your energy has been flat as a pancake of late !

Although you are formidable in your own right even the best of us run out of steam sometimes

Here it seems life just seems to put on you more and more

It’s your choice and actions that can make this stop

Use the past as foundation stones to enhance your future .. look ahead not back ... your life is waiting for you to live it x x

Image Reveal C

All about balance , and boy do you like to juggle life

Wanting a better life means taking risks to achieve it

Many of us search for the perfect life balance , it’s an art that needs perfecting over time

So keep doing the things you love but remember to pause a while to enjoy the beauty of what you create x x

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