❤️❤️❤️ VALENTINE FREE REVEAL ❤️❤️❤️ Reveal Image A ❤️ Messages from Heaven ... It’s occasions such as this that we remember our loved ones PAST & PRESENT .. However today your spirit loved ones gather to pass a message of Love to you ❤️ Be comforted in the knowledge that they are only a thought away ... They encourage you to be open with those around you and show love where ever possible ... Image Reveal B From little seeds do big things grow ... Take a break from hardship and make today special ... Love yourself enough that all the broken pieces come together to be healed , allow yourself the time to feel happy A bubble bath , a warm snuggly dressing gown a cute teddy ... indulge yourself invest in the future you 🤗 You are worth it x x Image Reveal C It takes 2 to tango 😇 Put aside all feelings of angst and remember good times , the celebrations shared and yet to come ... ❤️ Make the most of the people you have around you Tell someone you care Phone a friend that needs cheering up You are a giver and a very valuable part of society Go out there and and enjoy making people happy 🤗

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